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ScrapBook 2011!

think about the year that has passed. all the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. how about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ontd that you spent all night commenting on. Thing about all the thing you love! The ScrapBook 2011 post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.



Default icons;



User info;



Favorite Songs;

Jenuary: PLEDGE - the GazettE | TOGURO - the GazettE | J-guild - ViViD | THE TRUE MURDEROUS INTENT - the GazettE |
Febbruary: SINCREA - Garasu no Namida | Heartless - Masquered | Versailles - Destiny -the lovers- |

March : SINCREA - Garasu no Namida | Heartless - Masquered | Versailles  Destiny - the lovers -
April : D=OUT - ONE | the gazettE - PLEDGE | the gazettE - kare uta | Versailles - Philia | ScReW - Deep Six | hide - Pink Spider | Super Junior - It's You | Super Junior (Hae) - Beautiful | Super Junior - Miracle | Lost Ash - Brave | hide - ever free | Lost Ash - Soul of Liberty | Lost Ash - Starlight
May : ALSDEAD - Regret | ALSDEAD - Into the void | MoNoLith - Fairy - Tale | Nickelback - Far Away | Park Jung Min - Like tears are falling (Japan Version)
June : Versailles - Philia | Versailles - Masquerade | Versailles - Vampire | Versailles - Love Will be born again | the GazettE - Vortex
July : ViViD - Blue | Exist-Trace - Hai no Yuki | LAREINE - Lesson | Lycaon - RED RUM | BORN - Garbage | D=OUT - ONE | D=OUT - Nora no Neko | Versailles - Love will be born again | Versailles - Vampire | SS501 - Want it | the GazettE - UNCERTAIN SENSE |  Super Junior-M - 我的二分之一 | Super Junior-HAPPY - 파자마 파티 (PAJAMA PARTY)
Agoust : D=OUT - Roman Revolution | Versailles - Vampire | Versailles - Thanatos | Lee MinHo - Extreme | Kelly Clarkson - Don't waste your time | Lycaon - Alejandro | MoNoLith - Fairy-Tale | BORN - Demons | BORN- Garbage | Ricky Martin - Drop it on me | Super Junior - Heartquake | the GazettE - Reila 
September : the GazettE - Remeber the urge | the GazettE - chijou | BORN - Innocent Bullet | Exist-trace - Judea | Exist-trace - Kiseki no hikari | Marilyn Manson - Theater | Bif Naked - Lucky | Daddy Yanke - Rompe | Super Junior(Eun) - Time When I Recollect Memories
October : the GazettE - The suicide circles | the GazettE - My Davil on the bed | the GazettE - Tomorrow never dies | Super Junior - Smile Again | Super Junior - SuperMan | Super Junior - Mr Simple | Super Junior - Don't Don | Super Junior - 갈증 (A Man In Love) | Lycaon - MAD NEUROSIS CHILD | Nega - 貘-此ノ悪夢喰ライ賜へ- | Nega - Nightmare | Nega - 夜にある希望、朝に来る絶望。(リレコーディングバージョン) | Versailles - Rosen Schwert | Versailles - Zombie | X-Japan - Drain | X-Japan - Rose Of Pain | D=OUT - Roman Revolution | B2ST - Mistery | B2ST - Thanks To
November : Super Junior - A-cha | the GazettE - Miseinen | Moi Dix Mois - La dix coix | Moi Dix Mois - Angelica | Super Junior-T - Rokuko | Pink - Family Potrait | CN. Blue - Now or Never | Super Junior (Yesung) - love really hurt | Exist-trace - Day Break | Kim Hyun Joong - One More Time | Super Junior live SS2 - Wat If
Dicember : Super Junior - Snow White(Japanese) | the GazettE - Tomorrow never die || the GazettE - Reila || 176Biz : baby star || 2PM - Without You || 2PM - Gimme the light || CN. Blue - Kimio || CN. Blue - Lie | CN. Blue - I don't know why | Super Junior - Santa U are the one! | Super Junior, HaeHyuk - 떴다 오빠 | Super Junior Hae - First Love

movie i've seen

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer  by Danny Cannon[1998] 
MoonWalker by Jerry Kramer[1988]
The Invisible by David S. Goyer[2006]
Hachiko by Lesse Hallstrom[2009]
Va dove ti porta il cuore by Cristina Comencini[1996]
Devour by David Winkler[2005]
The Skeptic by Tennyson Brardwell[2009]
I know who killed me by Chris Sivertson[2007]
Fallen by Mikael Salomon[2006]
Fallen 2 by
Mikael Salomon[2007]
Queen of the damned by Michael Rymer[2002]
Cheaper by the dozen by Shawn Levy[2003]
Interview with the Vampire by Neil Jordan[1994]
Cruel Intentions 3 by Scott Ziehl[2004]
The Forsaken by J.S. Cardone[2001]
The Cutting Edge: Fire&Ice film tv [2010]
Vampires : Los Muertos by Tommy Lee Wallace[2002]
The perfect Husband by Dauglas Jackson[2004]
The silence of the lambs by Jonathan Demme[1991]
Jennifer's body by Karyn Kusama[2009]
The Exorcist by William Friedkin[1973]
BeverlyHills chihuahua by Raja Gosnell[2008]
AN EDUCATION by Lone Scherfig[2009]
Secret Window by David Koepp[2004]
The forgotten by Joseph Ruben[2004]
Mars Attack! by Tim Burton[1996]
Children of the corn 3 by James D.R Hickox[1995]
Was Craven's new nightmer by Was Craven[1994]
The Good Son by Joseph Ruben[1993]
Shaft by John Singleton [2000]
Squadra antifurto by Bruno Corbucci[1976]
The Black Dahlia by Brian de Palma[2006]
The lost boys by Joel Schumacher[1987]
While she was out by Susan Monford[2008]
Il trucido e lo sbirro by Umberto Lenzi[1976]
Masters of horros: The Damned thing by Tobe Hooper[2006]
Ne le dis à personne by Gullaume Canet[2006]
Oxygen by Richard Shepard[1999]
Showdown in little Tokyo by Mark L. Lester[1991]
Man-thing by Brett Leonard[2005]
The last emperor by Bernanrdo Bertolucci[1987]
Masters Of Horror: The Black Cat by Stuart Gordon [2007]

Saw III by Darren Lynn Bousman [2006]
The Darwin Awards by Finn Taylor [2006]
Open Water by Chris Kentis [2003]
Caterina Va in Città by Paolo Virzì [2003]
The messengers by Oxide Pang Chun [2007]
The Grudge by Takashi Shimizu [2004]
Masters Of Horror: Incident on and off a Mountain Road by Don Cascarelli [2005]
Masters Of Horror: We all scream for ice cream by Tom Holland [2007]
Saw IV by Darren Lynn Bousman [2007]
Perfect Creature by Glenn Standring [2006]
Charlot by Richard Attenborough [1995]
Masters Of Horror: The V Word by Ernest Dickerson [2006]
Masters Of Horror: Haeckel's Tale by John McNaughton [2006]
Masters Of Horror: Right To Die by Rob Schmidt [2007]
The Wisdom of Crocodiles by Po-chih Leong [1998]
War by Philip G. Atwell [2008]
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind by Michel Gondry [2004]
The texas chainsaw massacre: The Beginning by John Liebesmon [2006]
From within by Phedon Papamichael Jr [2008]
HISTORY OF VIOLENCE by David Cronenberg [2005]
Keeping Mum by Nail Johnson [2006]
Peliculas para no dormir: Regreso a Moira by Mateo Gil [2006]
The Hunger by Tony Scott [1983]
Peliculas para no dormir: Para entrar a vivir by Juame Balaguerò [2006]
Kalifornia by Dominic Sena [1993]
Set it off by F. Gary Gray [1996]
Maria llena eres de gracia by Joshua Marston [2003]
Pretty Persuasion by Marcos Siega [2005]
Breaking News by Johnnie To [2004]
The Descent by Neil Marshall [2005]
The Hamiltons by Butcher Brothers [2006]
The Birdcage by Mike Nichols [1996]
Alphabet Killer by Rob Schmidt [2008]
Silver Hawk by Jingle Ma [2004]
Vampire in Brooklyn by Was Craven [1995]
The Banger Sisters by Bob Dolman [2002]
Heathers by Michael Lehmann [1989]
Masters of Horror: Deer Woman by John Landis [2005]
Masters of Horror: Family by John Landis [2006]
The Human stain by Robert Benton [2003]
Care of the Spitfire Grill by Lee David Zlotoff [1996]
Vampire in Brooklyn by Was Craven [1995]
The Banger Sister by Bob Dalman [2002]
Heathers by Michael Lehmann [1989]
Master of Horror : Deer Woman by John Landis [2005]
Master of Horror : Family by John Landis [2006]
The Human Stain by Robert Benton [2003]
Care of the Spitfire Grill by Lee David Zlatoff [1996]
Masters of horror : Jennifer by Dario Argento [2005]
Masters of horror : Pelts by Dario Argento [2006]
The lord of the Rings : The fellowship of the Ring by Peter Jackson [2001]
The lord of the Rings : The two towers by Peter Jackson [2002]
Vampire Bats by Eric Brass [2005]
Juncture by James Seale [2007]
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous by John Pasquin [2005]
Pat Sematary by Mary Lambert [1989]
Masters of Horror: Homecoming by Joe Dante [2005]
Masters of horror: The screwfly solution [2006]
The lost boys by Joel Schumacher [1987]
Dangerous Waters- Shark Attack by Paul Shapiro [2005]
Masters of horror: Pick me up by Larry Cohen [2006]
Masters of horror: Pro-life by John Carpenter [2006]
Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns by John Carpenter [2005]
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream child by Stephen Hopkins [1989]
Freddy's Dead: The final Nightmare by Rachel Talalay [1991]
Frankenstein Junior by Mel Brooks [1974]
Casper: A spirited beginning by Sean McNamara [1997]

series i've seen

The Vampire Diaries | 1st&2nd season
Bones | 4th Season
Desperate Housevives | 7th season
Misfits | 1st&2nd season
Doctor Who | 2nd/3rd/4th/5th season
Dead Like Me | 1st season
Haven | 1st season
Being Erica | 1st/2nd/3rd season
4400 | 1st/2nd/3rd season
Dead Zone | 1st season
Wearhouse 13 | 1st/2nd season
Invisible Man | 1st season

dorama i've seen

You're Beautiful [2009] Korean
Marry me, mary [2010] Korean
It's Okay, Daddy Girls [2010] Korean
Playfull Kiss [2010] Korean
City Hunter [2011] Korean
Bad Family [2006] Korean

Favorite people;


Katekyo Hitman Reborn (since 2007)
Kuroshitsuji (since 2007)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Kuroshitsuji I

Kuroshitsuji II
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

i've read

The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice
Night Shift - Stephen King
Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno - Italo Clavino
The Solitude of prime Numbers - Paolo Giordano
Black House - Stephen King & Peter Stroub
Pet Sematary - Stephen King

Meme i've done;

1th meme of 2011
it's only meme!

Favorite fanfic;

It's You || "I'm Scared..." || by hitsugaya15

DVD live;
i've seen

  Super Junior - SUPER SHOW I
Super Junior - SUPER SHOW II

bold: new things  , italic: old and just seen/read/done/love

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Sta venendo molto bene il tuo Scrapbook! *O* Il bannerino è molto bello, e anche le categorie che hai scelto mi piacciono molto! ♥ Solo che non so se è un problema del mio PC, ma non riesco a visualizzare le Userinfo e i Layouts!

Grazie mille *ç*..sei troppo buona *blush*
Davvero non vedi il layout e l'userinfo? mmh ..strano, eppure le ho caricate qui su LJ mmh

(Deleted comment)
It's really funny doing it *ç*..
*I'm lazy too lol* I should update...mmh

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